Vezet Group

Vezet Group, uw partner voor het onderhoud van Matam en Nemabo machines

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Vezet Group has been specialized in maintenance and development of industrial machines from Matam for 20 years.Our expertise, decisveness and professionalism make us a relaible partner for customers and manufacturers. Vezet Group want to unborden matam/nemabo clients and solve their problems. Our professionals are more than willing to use their expertise and help you as soon as possible.

Vezet Group is the organization to maintenance your Matam/Nemabo machine. Vezet Group  also taken over some staff to give you the same service, or even better! Co founder Jack Groenen from Matam/Nemabo is ready to help you with solving your problems.

Any questions? You can send us an e-mail:
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Or call us: +31(0)497 534820.