We provide solutions for picking, packing, palletizing and handling with robots


In the past, robots were mainly used in the car industry. Nowadays, we notice an increasing demand for robots in other sectors as well. Especially in the chemical, food- and beverage industry industrial robots are increasingly introduced. Robots are the future, thanks to their great versatility.

Companies must be able to react flexibly to the rapidly changing demand for new products. For this, flexible machines are required, allowing you to change products fast. The high installation costs used to prevent purchase and installation of industrial robots. As installation costs are reduced, you can expect effective solutions, whose costs can be recovered in a short period of time.

Are you looking for the whole package guaranteeing maximum efficiency, productivity and flexibility? We offer the solutions for both picking, packing, palletising and handling with robots. Our many years of experience in the packaging- and food industry enables us to offer smart technical solutions.