Vezet Group

Vezet Group provides smart technical solutions


Vezet Group has been a Household name in maintenance for over 20 years. Our expertise, decisiveness, and craftsmanship make us a reliable partner for customers and suppliers.

Vezet Group supplies new machines, for example packaging machines or similar machines such as bagging machines and machines for internal transport. Besides, we offer special services such as maintenance, overhaul, modification, certification and assembly. Finally, Vezet Group purchases and sells used machines, especially for pallet handling and bag handling.

Vezet Group offers expert and skilled mechanics who work with passion and zeal for their trade. Their attitude is adaptable and solution oriented. By making us of the correct technical, mechanical, electronic or software based modifications, we have an appropriate answer to each and every problem!

Vezet Group offers ‘smart technical solutions’: smart solutions for technical issues. By making use of the appropriate technical, mechanical, electronic or software-based modifications, we provide the appropriate answer to each and every problem!